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How to manually Install DARWIN Bootloader…

Posted in Mac with tags on December 4, 2008 by 2ami

oke i have just setup my hacintosh machine on Acer 4710Z.. its a good hardware where all engine running (sound, wifi, vga), then i install all necessary software and patches (Ms Office Mac 2008, Adobe CS3..)

After the installation of mac system, then i made a copy of the drive (cloning it through disk utility) then when i boot it via USB it wont run, i dont understand why the cloning process doesnt copy the bootloader files

Oke here are the steps i made to make bootloader
1. Boot the system with Mac OS Installation DVD
2. When the menu comes out, press F8, then type “-s” then press Enter
3. First you have to recognise the target drive and partition of where our new Mac systemn clone has placed,  (in my case, its install on the second HD on 3rd partitions, so it would be /dev/disk1s3) type fdisk /dev/diskxsx to make sure, dont make a mistake since i have ruin my drive twice 😦

4. Go folder /usr/standalone/i386 -> type “cd /usr/standalone/i386”
5. Type “dd if=boot1h of=/dev/disk1s3 bs=512 count=1” the press enter
6. Then “./startupfiletool -v /dev/disk1s3 boot.pcefi”
7. The we should mark it active, “fdisk -e /dev/disk1” press enter then enter the following…
fdisk 1>flag 3
fdisk 1>update
fdisk 1>write
fdisk 1>exit

8. Boot the system with our new Mac Cloned 🙂