Baca Partisi EXT3 di Windows???… gunakan EXT2IFS ^_^’

duwww.. susah juga kalo punya file2 di partisi linux kita, sementara linuxnya ndiri gak jalan, trus mana perlu cepat lagi..  gunakan utility ini..

download utility ini supaya bisa membaca file linux ext3 di windows


Viola! now you can access the files on the corresponding Linux partition from the Windows file explorer by clicking on the drive letter you assigned to that partition. What is more, if you have a floppy which is formatted using the ext2 file system, then it could also be accessed in Windows without any problem.

Advantages of Ext2 IFS

  • Read and write access to files residing in Linux ext2/3 file system from within Windows.
  • Read and write access to floppies with ext2 file system.
  • Seamless integration and use of ext2/3 file system in Windows to the extent that all applications have access to it.

Disadvantages of Ext2 IFS

  • This program has a drawback in that it mounts only Ext2/Ext3 partitions. So if you have installed Linux on any other file system such as reiserfs, JFS or XFS then you are out of luck.
  • Does not have support for Linux logical volumes. So if you use LVM in Linux, this software will be useless even if the underlying file system is ext2 or ext3.
  • Current version of Ext2 IFS does not maintain access rights. So mounting an ext2 partition in Windows will give full access to the files on it to all the users.
While there are some limitations to this software as noted above, one convenience I see in using this method of sharing files between Windows and Linux is that once you have finished, you can also hide the corresponding Linux partition by re-opening the “IFS Drives” GUI front-end from the control panel and then removing the drive letter you assigned to the partition previously.
If by any chance you do not like any of the methods explained here, you can transfer files between Windows and Linux using a floppy or a USB key too ;-).

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